Our Process

Having fun and getting the best goes hand in hand.  You may be a wine connoisseur or just know what you like.  We will offer our best recommendations as we get to know your likes and dislikes to ensure you make the right wine choice.  You will discover our exclusive products sold only at Vintner’s Cellar are more than just a label on a kit.


Choose Your Wine

Pitching the yeast is the fun and simple step that gets your wine off to a great start.

And then we take over.


Starting Fermentation

How your wine is handled at each step adds to the quality of your wine.  Racking is the process of transferring your wine to a glass carboy to finish fermenting.  This is the optimal time to add oak the wine absorbs the oak better because alcohol is present.  


Racking And Adding Oak

The natural process of fermentation causes wine diamonds which affects the quality of your wine.  The best wineries in the world use a process called cold stabilization to remove these diamonds.  Vintners’s is the only local wine making location to use this type of equipment to help produce high quality wine.


Cold Stabilization

The best wine is full bodied yet crystal clear.  We filter your wine through our 10 pad filtering system.  When you hold your glass up, you will see a great wine with exceptional clarity.



Degassing your wine properly is a very important in wine making.  It is the process of removing suspended carbon dioxide left over from fermentation.   The most common way of degassing wine to agitate and beat the gas out of the wine which can have an effect on the character and quality.  Because we care, we take the extra time to gently pull the gas from our wine using our unique vacuum process used only at Vintners Cellar leaving the wine with its full, undisturbed richness.

And This is where you come back in !



We made bottling your wine fun and easy ensuring you are comfortable with the process while having a few laughs along the way.  Presentation is part of the enjoyment of your wine, so we include labels and shrink caps in your winery fee.  We help you select and customize your labels, so your wine reflects your personality and the overall presentation.


Bottling and Presentation

Attention is given to every detail so that making your wine is a fun and enjoyable experience.  Now all that’s left is to take you wine home and do the hardest part-wait. With patience if you allow the wine to age for 3 to 6 months, you will enjoy a better, full bodied win.  But if you can’t wait, we are confident when you open that first bottle it will be highly enjoyable experience rich in flavour



Enjoy, and make your appointment to start your next batch of great wine!


Enjoy and Repeat :-)

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